Sushma began her career co-founding an understated luxury trousseau brand. Her first taste of professional success came when she introduced real zari and gemstones on lehengas; a revolutionary albeit risky move for that time. This taste of success gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her creativity in a more organized manner. On a personal note, she was often complimented for her simple yet sophisticated outfits that she paired with great jewelry. Her personal sense of styles awed many of her friends and she was often asked to help them create bespoke pieces.

An insatiable appetite to experiment with gems and stones gave birth to her eponymous jewelry label, which she founded in 1997. To backup an inherent aesthetic sense, she took up a rigorous training program for a year on grading diamonds and gemstones.


Shruti, who is a graduate diamonds & jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is adventurous in her designs. Considering today's trends, Shruti always tries to add a surprise element in her adornments.

Like Yin-Yang, Shruti complements Sushma in every sense. The mother-daughter duo has been receiving accolades for creating treasures that are not just strikingly beautiful but are also perfectly wearable.

Today, though there are others in the space, Shruti Sushma are top favorite amongst connoisseurs of handcrafted precious jewelry.