The Brand

SHRUTI SUSHMA, the haute couture jewelry, is creating magic with its real masterpieces.

A chosen one among jewelry aficionados, Shruti Sushma adds life into every jewel. From delicate, intricate, flawless fits to royal, bold, inimitable charms, each Shruti Sushma piece reflects outstanding design and craftsmanship.

It all begins in the proud owner’s mind. Well sometimes it can be the heart’s longing that overpowers the mind. But every time it is personal, very personal. Every intriguing story adds an emotion, a facet to the prized possession. Every detail, each desire helps the extraordinary jewelry take its form. All nuances, even the tiniest fascination, are kept in mind while creating the work of art. Et Voila! The dream is realized. The heart meets its beloved…a piece that is enchanting and envious at the same time.

While one can experience absolute commitment to the Indian culture, heritage and art in Shruti Sushma’s work; they are known for experimenting with contemporary forms, divergent designs, rare gems and stones. The bottom-line being that the owner should walk away enthralled by the artistry and magnificence of their wearable treasure.

The brand believes in creating unparalleled jewelry that is wearable. It incessantly works to make you fall in love with your treasure time and again. So that it is not just kept in a safe or passed from one generation to another, but also felt, flaunted and experienced often in one’s own lifetime.